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A WordPress Plugin for easily defining additional CSS and JavaScript (inline and/or by URL) to be added to any page or post individually.

Two simple steps:

  • Enter the directory location/s of your custom CSS and/or JavaScript files on the Zia3 JS CSS settings page
  • Select the CSS/JS files you want to include on the page/post edit page using checkboxes

The plugin adds a CSS editor field when you are editing and creating a new post or page. With the plugin each template page/post will have more possibilities with it's increased editing power. This allows you to insert arbitrary JavaScript and CSS into any post or page you like without having to resort to loading it on all pages or modifying your template's CSS or JS files. This reduces page load time by finely tuning the CSS and JavaScript files includes in each page/post.

Ever need to include specific CSS or JavaScript (JS) files on a per page/post basis ? Needed a seperate CSS / JS file for your homepage and not anywhere else in your site ? Wanted certain pages/posts to use another CSS/JS file and provide funtionality to those pages only and not to your full site ?

Ever want to tweak the appearance of the WordPress pages/posts, by hiding stuff, moving stuff around, changing fonts, colors, sizes, etc? Any modification you may want to do with CSS / JS can easily be done via this plugin. Leverage the power of jQuery on your website by injecting inline JavaScript.

Using this plugin you'll easily be able to define additional CSS / JS (inline and/or files by URL) to any page or post individually. You can define CSS / JS to appear inline in the page/post head (within style tags), or reference CSS files to be linked (via "link rel='stylesheet'" tags). The referenced CSS / JS files will appear in page/post head first, listed in the order defined in the plugin's settings. Then any inline CSS / JS are added to the page head. Both values can be filtered for advanced customization.


  1. Install automatically through the Plugins, Add New menu in WordPress, or upload the zia3meta folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Look for the Settings link  Zia3-JS-CSS to configure the Options.


You can download the plugin directly from our website.

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